Serra Fluminense Villa 08

One of the things that makes villa 8 so special is its location in the mountains near Rio. However, what really makes this such a special place is its history, which dates back to 1850 when it was built as the Main house on a coffee plantation.

Recently, the singer Lenny Kravitz fell in love with the house. He was on a music tour of Brazil and instead of spending one night at the house he ended up spending six months there, subsequently buying it and then restoring it to its former glory.

There are a number of historical ruins in the garden and inside Lenny has used his love for design to create a contemporary look which is full of character. There are pieces of art and furniture which remind you of Brazilian architects Sergio Rodrigues and Oscar Niemeyer as well as rare pieces of furniture such as a chair which belonged to Andy Warhol and Ingmar Bergman´s piano.

Villa 8 has everything you need to immerse in nature while surrounded by total peace and quiet. A highlight of the property is its vegetable garden which provides fresh vegetables for the duration of your stay.

As Lenny Karvitz said in an interview to Architectural Digest; “it is a place from which to disconnect and re-think life”.